When Venus & Mars Collide

First comes love, then comes marriage; then comes a baby in the carriage, followed by a crack in the marriage. DR SUMAYYA EBRAHIM helps new parents understand what happens after the elation of baby’s arrival subsides.  

It has often been said that having a child is one of the most life-changing experiences that individuals and couples can ever go through. The experience of moving from conception through to birth and the period post delivery not only takes its toll on the body and mind of a woman, but also on that of her partner. Indeed, pregnancy and birth has the capacity to influence both you and your partner’s finances, work life, sense of self and, most notably, it has the potential to deeply impact your relationship, regardless of whether or not baby was planned.
Once the glow of new parenthood has subsided, many couples start to experience a rift in their relationship. This rift might manifest as disagreements on child-rearing or it may creep up unsuspectingly as the new parents navigate through the period post-baby. While everyone perceives it to be the mother who has undergone the physical and psychological aspects of having a baby, it must be remembered that a new father also undergoes certain psychological shifts which are unique to each individual and each couple.

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