Phungi Baloyi Living & Loving Life

Seven Years after her initial cancer diagnosis, Phungi and Brian Baloyi are about to welcome a new baby boy into their family. LOREN STOW speaks to this dynamic young woman about the power of confronting challenges head-on and living positively.

As she sat hunched over and crying in her car for over an hour, willing herself to find the strength to drive home, all Phungi Baloyi could think was ‘This was not supposed to happen to me’. She was just barely out of her twenties, with a three-year-old toddler at home and the wife of South African soccer legend, Brian Baloyi. Phungi had everything going for her when she was diagnosed that Monday morning in late November 2007 with Stage 2 breast cancer. Life as she knew it would change forever, and at no point since that day did Phungi let herself dare to dream of having another baby.

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