A Million Ways To Be A Mother

As we celebrate our seventh birthday, Loren Stow talks to two moms who represent so many other mothers out there.

Mothers come from all walks of life; they celebrate a multitude of cultures, enjoy all kinds of family structures, and offer to the world many different strengths and weaknesses. Despite the incredible feats that mothers everywhere achieve on a daily basis, they are after all just human, and many wonder if they’re doing the best they possibly can. We share their stories of courage and determination, borne from two very different journeys, to show that that there is no single way to be a perfect mom, but a million different ways to be a great mom. 

First there’s Grugulethu, a Nelspruit-based single mom, and then there’s Luzaan, Hartbeespoort-based first-time mother. They may look very different to other and they certainly have their own stories to share, but they have something in common – their courage in the face of adversity. The next time you come across a mom you’ve never met, remember that we all have a story, we are all courageous, and we are all working hard at the million ways to be the best we can be. 


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