Belly Mapping

After speaking to hundreds of pregnant mothers over the years, one that many of them have in common is the joy they experienced when they felt their baby move inside of them, reaching out or kicking as they grew bigger every week. And no wonder; it is a profoundly special experience for any mother-to-be. Towards the end of your pregnancy space within your womb becomes a luxury and it is increasingly difficult to figure what your baby is up to in there, how they are lying, and what part of them is sticking into your ribs or pushing down on your already-overworked bladder.

The practice and art of belly mapping has its roots in the age-old process whereby midwives examine a pregnant woman’s belly to determine the baby’s position therein, which in turn has an impact on the labour and birth. However, belly mapping itself is a very new practice, but one that is gaining popularity across the globe as its benefits become more obvious.

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