Care Crib For Moms In Need

So many factors contribute to unplanned pregnancies and, more often than not, it’s teenagers from impoverished backgrounds that face great challenges and judgement from society.

There are many young mothers in South Africa today who don’t have the means to provide for their newborn babies’ basic needs. As a way to help these mothers in need, Mpact and the Choose To Care team have created the Care Crib, a sturdy cardboard box that doubles up as a sleeping crib for the first six months of the baby’s life. The Crib has been designed and donated by Mpact, who are partnering with NACSA on this exciting initiative.

The Care Crib will be launched on Nelson Mandela Day and a number of organisers are choosing to care by packing and assembling the cribs on 18 July, as part of their 67 minutes of community service.

What Is In the Care Crib?

·       Changing mat/mattress

·       Receiving blankets

·       Knitted blanket/ Thick winter blanket

·       Babygros

·       Booties/socks

·       Cloth nappies

·       Disposable nappies

·       Newborn baby formula

·       Bottles

·       Pacifier

·       Baby bath towel

·       Pack of sanitary pads

·       Condoms

·       Barrier cream/Vaseline

·       Surgical spirits

·       Sterilisation tablets

·       Cotton wool

·       Facecloth

·       Baby soap

·       Choose to care/Courage child development booklet

·       Baby Yum Yum tips and tricks brochure

If you would like to take part in the campaign or for more information, e-mail project champion Tamara Dalhuijsen at or visit Remember, both new and gently used items are welcomed.


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