Cleanse Your Way To A State Of Bliss

As a writer/editor/word nerd, I spend far too many ‘spare’ moments (I say ‘spare’ because these are few and far between, so they’re usually when I sneak away for a pee break or while I am falling asleep after burning the all-day-all-night oil) scrolling through feeds under the pretenses of updating my general knowledge. In truth, I am scanning for a carrot… anything that will nudge me to take that topic to a new level to become something that I want to share with our readers… be they women, pregnant or otherwise, mothers and even the fathers!

And so it was that I recently came upon a Facebook friend’s post stating that she had just embarked upon a cleanse… Yes! Fodder for a potential piece in our magazines! Wherever you turn there are people wanting to look or feel better embarking on some form of fast or cleanse – a Tweet from Beyoncé what she drank to lose her baby weight or Gwyneth Paltrow’s latest eating trend urging the poor victim towards yet another fast farce. So when someone in my reality takes on a cleanse, I sit up and take notice… Bliss Juicery ( … I quickly tapped the words into my search engine to see what came up.


Samantha Eldridge, Owner

Contacting Samantha Eldrigdge, the owner of and brains behind Bliss Juicery, was a pleasure. Her response to my query was prompt and efficient, and before I could say ‘Bliss’, my needs had been assessed and I was booked to begin my three-day cleanse the following week… just in time to work it all out before Ash Wednesday marked the beginning of Lent. As she had promised, my box of 18 juices (six per day) arrived early the morning of Day One… delivered to my office in a well-wrapped box packed with ice packs to keep the juices cold. The act of stacking these numbered bottles (1 to 6, in order of daily consumption) in the fridge had my colleagues fascinated, and as I made my way through the five juices for that day (I took the sixth one home that night), I enrcouraged my team to have a taste test of the flavours… just a small taste, mind you!

When it comes to the taste of the juices, there is one word that describes them all: natural! To be more specific, the greens remind you of a freshly mowed lawn, while the nut milks bring about an immediate sense of well being and comfort, especially the cacao almond milk in the evening... yum! The tropical juices are terrific boosters and replenish your ‘go’ when you think it has already ‘got-up-and-gone’ for the day!

Samantha had given me plenty of warning to tone down any strenuous physical activity to accommodate my body’s altered state, and to drink plenty of water or herbal tea during the three days, but I can honestly say that I have never felt better than I did at the end of my three days. I felt energised and healthy and I literally wore a glow on my face that was acknowledged by my peers. I know that I was getting more nutrients from those six bottles a day than I would usually have consumed before the cleanse, and my body was thanking me for it with bursts of energy and the most amazing, sound sleep.

I was truly reluctant for the cleanse to come to an end, because I found it easy to drink a bottle of great-tasting juice every two or so hours and not to have to worry about any other food, but I also know that it is not wise to pursue such a regimen consistently. However, I did speak to Samantha about how a person can incorporate the individual greens, juices and milks into a healthy lifestyle on a more regular basis. It is possible and she is more than willing to discuss your needs and work with you towards achieving your ultimate bliss!

To note:

  • The juices are gluten-free.
  • It is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women to cleanse, or children under 18.
  • Prices available on website.

By Tracy Maher

IMAGES: Kwenta Media

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