Co-Sleeping & Your Relationship

Bringing a baby into the marital bed may be considered acceptable, for a specific period. But what if your child is still coming between you and partner after this stage? Cathrine Versfeld explores the pros and cons of co-sleeping.

For about 20 years, in the 70’s and 80’s, co-sleeping was frowned upon in Western parenting circles. Citing a fear of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and suffocation, many parents simply refused to put their babies in bed with them. But as the benefits of breastfeeding became more widely researched, so did the positive long-term emotional effects of keeping your baby close.

By the early 90’s, enough evidence around SIDS had been published to indicate that the majority of incidents happened in the cot. Today, co-sleeping is strongly recommended by health-care professionals, particularly in the case of premature babies, who grow faster and better when they sleep with their parents.

But what does this mean for the mom and dad who share the bed? And at what age does co-sleeping stop being appropriate and begin to affect marital intimacy?

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