Completely Carmel

After an intimate and candid Q&A, it’s clear that actress, Carmel Fisher, is a woman who works hard, loves fiercely and dreams big. We caught up with Carmel as she enters the third trimester of her first pregnancy with long-time boyfriend, construction and property developer, Dion Gabrielides.

Beautiful, talented, vivacious, driven and ambitious are just some of the ways in which to describe the 34-year-old, Johannesburg-based actress. Carmel shares how her childhood laid the foundation for her success and that she actually wanted to become a gynaecologist when she was younger, but performing was always in her blood. We also discover how she broke into the South African entertainment industry by winning a competition on the show, Backstage, which then catapulted her into a fulltime acting career. In addition to acting roles, Carmel has also presented various shows and took part in Survivor South Africa: Maldives. She’s currently on South African screens in her new role on the second season of the telenovela, High Rollers, on SABC 3.


“My childhood had a lot to do with shaping me as an independent woman, who is self-reliant and resourceful. It taught me to multitask in ways that don’t jeopardise efficiency, and to be self-disciplined and balanced in my approach to all aspects of life. It taught me that excess in any form is no good and that when you can successfully manage and balance your own life, the rest will automatically follow suit.”

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