Conception Believe It Or Not!

There is an abundance of old wives’ tales about conception and almost everyone has one or other idiosyncratic quirk that has been passed down to them. Couples who are trying for a baby tend to be well informed about fertility and their options to help bring about conception. Rich in ridiculousness and hilarity, many of these myths and tales are fanciful and fun and, while they will mostly offer a panacea effect, they can be tried for a laugh.

If you're trying to get pregnant, chances are you’ve been overwhelmed with tips and advice. Books, magazines, web sites, and well-meaning friends and relatives are full of suggestions about what you should eat and how to stretch or exercise, what position to do the horizontal tango in, how the moon should be positioned, and exactly what music will help the sperm to flow at just the right speed!  But how do you separate the myths from the facts? We explore some common misconceptions about conception.

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