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Are you trying to conceive? Katherine Swift makes pillow talk and asks a baby-making expert if you need to study the Kama Sutra and swing from the chandeliers before embarking on baby-making sex.

Making babies is a fun experience. Some women are fortunate enough to get pregnant on their first try, but for others, the process is a long, long road. Try to get in some tender lovemaking on your journey as well as setting the wilder side of you free. And take time to share your feelings about your sexual connection. Couples who start working to keep their sexual intimacy healthy early on reap big benefits when they become parents.

Best Time To Conceive

Dr Sascha Edelstein, private OB/GYN at the Holistic Assisted Reproduction Treatment Fertility Clinic in Cape Town says, “In ovulating women, each month their ovaries recruit a cohort of egg follicles, from which one egg achieves dominance and is released mid-cycle with ovulation. Following ovulation, the egg is taken up by the Fallopian tubes and is then available to be fertilised by her partner’s sperm.”

He adds that after ovulation, the egg follicle (the fluid-filled sack where the egg developed) continues to produce the hormone progesterone to maintain her endometrial lining, so that the embryo can implant. The endometrium is maintained for 14 days after ovulation after which, in the absence of pregnancy, the lining is shed and the menstrual cycle starts again. According to Dr Edelstein, in order to determine when ovulation is happening (and when a woman is most fertile) she can keep a menstrual diary – there are now numerous apps to assist.

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