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Media Mogul Moms

By Loren Stow

Our awesome cover moms for our February issue had so much to say that we feature the rest of their Q&A’s here for you to read! We asked them about being part of ‘something bigger’…

Mpume Jack On Being Part Of Something Bigger…

This Sandton-based YFM news editor is 27 years old and 34 weeks pregnant with her third child – her first daughter. She happily married to 37-year-old chartered accountant Vuyo Jack, and together they are excited to introduce their two boys Simphiwe (3) and Vuyani (2) to their little sister.

1. Biggest Influencers

Family: Parents and late grandparents who raised her in a loving home and were the perfect example of what family is all about. She believes that our early years and experiences lay the foundation of the character that defines us, “Because of them my childhood was full of wonder.”

Love Relationships: God is her biggest influencer because she believes He is the best teacher of love, “He is in fact the definition of love.” She aspires to love those she cares about with the same love that God bestows upon her; to apply grace and compassion in the way that she loves.

Career: She has been touched by many people who have crossed her path along the way, and Mpume describes how she is inspired by all those who came before her and managed to do well, but also those who believed in her when she doubted herself. “Vuyo has made and continues to make an enormous impact on my life, and education does not guarantee success but it sure does give you a fighting chance in life because knowledge is power.” Career stability is important to this mother because it gives a person the power to choose the kind of life they want for themselves and their family.

Pregnancy and motherhood: It is no surprise that Mpume’s biggest influencer in pregnancy and motherhood is her own mother, “Being a young mother is not easy, but the support and help that I get from my mother and all the practical things she has taught me along the journey have taught me so much about pregnancy and what it means to be a mother.

2. Culture And Heritage

Family: Believing strongly the principle of ‘ubuntu’ enforces the spirit of caring for one another and a spirit of community, “This is my approach to family.” For Mpume family goes beyond blood because it encompasses all the people around her who stand by her in different seasons of her life, “I treat those people like family and value them just as they value me.”

Love and relationships: In Mpume’s culture love is more like a language expressed not only through words or feelings, but also in action and deeds. She explains that it is not always about telling someone you love them, it is about the little things done in silence and when no one is looking that make your loved ones feel secure. “It is about showing up, being available and being dependable to those you care about.”

Career: There is an emphasis on discipline in all areas of life, “I apply discipline towards my work and this helps me be effective in advancing my career goals, as it helps me be determined and on top form.”

Pregnancy and motherhood: The traditional belief that ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ describes Mpume’s approach to pregnancy and motherhood, “I grew up in a community where every adult was a mother or father figure and every peer was a sibling. The love I received from the people around me growing up made me look forward to one day being a mother to children of my own and an example to other children who cross my path.”

Thabile Maphanga On Being Part Of Something Bigger…

This 34-year-old prime time SABC news anchor and senior health journalist for SABC radio news is expecting her first child. At the time of the interview, Thabile was 28 weeks pregnant and living in Florida on the Westrand of Johannesburg with her fiancé, 34-year-old businessman Sibusiso Mbhele. She describes her upcoming marriage and the arrival of her first child as a bit of a shock. “I never imagined myself settling down and becoming a mother, but look where I am today, and I couldn’t be happier!”

1. Biggest Influencer

Family: Thabile’s late grandmother continues to inspire her despite passing away many years ago. “She was the matriarch of our family, she held everything and everyone together, taught us about the importance of family, love, respect, peace, religion and happiness.”

Love and Relationships: She admits that she has never been a strong believer in love and relationships, having witnessed so many relationships and marriages fail, “It got to a point where I thought true love was a myth until I met my match”. Her fiancé inspires her to love wholeheartedly and convinces her that true love does exist. Through him she has met many other happy couples and that has changed her view on love and relationships.

Career: Thabile cites former newsreader and businesswoman Khanyi Dhlomo as her greatest role model as a youngster. “I’ve looked up to her and continue to admire her now.” Her job as a senior health journalist also influences her. “I interact now with a lot of young sick children, seeing how they continue to smile and fight their different conditions or diseases. Initially depressed me, but I have become inspired by them to do better at my job and to help them get assistance of           some sort.”

Pregnancy and motherhood: Thabile has no real influencer in this area of life but says, “I’ve made a decision that I will push myself to be the best mother to my daughter and to enjoy every day of my pregnancy.”

  1. Culture And Heritage

Family: This influences how Thabile carries herself in public, being cognisant of showing respect for her peers and seniors.

Love and relationships: Thabile’s cultural influence in love and relationships is an effort to love and honour her partner as the provider and head of their family, and to command respect.

Career: Refraining from laziness and having sense of pride in her work, as well as trying to do her best at all times is strongly rooted in Thabile’s culture.

Pregnancy and motherhood: She holds a massive amount of love and respect for women as the bringers of life on earth, nurturer’s of children, and those who are raising the next generation.


Images by Gareth Jacobs © Kwenta Media

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