Fundamentals Of Toddler Foot Development

Healthy feet are an important part of a healthy life. Loren Stow takes a step in the right direction as she investigates how foot development during childhood forms the basis of our lifelong foot health.

As adults we tend to forget about our feet as we shove them into shoes of all shapes and sizes and go on about the business of everyday life. We barely notice how our feet carry us through the day, support our bodies and provide strength, balance and well-being – until they begin to ache that is!

Your child’s feet develop at a rapid pace from birth all the way to the end of adolescence. Hema Gosai, a podiatrist who specialises in paediatric foot health and intervention, is a part-time lecturer at the University of Johannesburg (UJ) and works in the paediatric clinic at Baragwanath Hospital in the same city. Gosai explains that as a podiatrist she is a healthcare professional who works in diagnosing, preventing and treating foot and lower limb conditions. “Foot health links to general health and by treating early signs of possible foot conditions, I can help a child to improve and increase mobility and therefore general health,” she elaborates.

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