Preschool Party Fever

Mary Moore takes a look at hottest, trending birthday party themes for seven-year-olds for 2016!

According to Tara Berger in her online article ‘2015 Party Trends’ ( ‘there is certainly no shortage of party inspiration online and innovators in the party industry’. There are hundreds of party blogs and websites, Instagram feeds and posts on Pinterest to help you choose a party theme that will fit in with this year’s trends for your seven-year-old. “Gone are the days of the DIY children’s party at home with balloons and musical chairs”, says online article ‘Children’s parties: a winning formula for entrepreneurs’ by Alison Coleman (August, 2014). Parents are informed by current trends ranging from movie themes, games and characters, sporting events, or even the resurgence of artistic styles such as calligraphy, which are all underpinned by the influence of social media trends.

What’s In Store For 2016?  

According to popular party planner and owner of Making it Count (MIC) Events, Jeannette Funk, trends for boys’ birthday parties in 2016 would be “things like planes, Star Wars, Woodland, sharks, dinosours, scientist themes, Lego, Paw Patrol, Minions and farm-style parties”. For girls, Funk says it will always be “fairies and princesses” with big balloons and lots of glitter with ideas coming from Pinterest.

She says that children will want their favourite animal and she expects the flamingos and owls to come into birthday parties this year, while Carnival and Emoji are also current neutral themes.  Funk advises that children always want entertainment and ‘Minute to Win it games’ promise to provide a simple and yet cost effective solution.

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