Super Cars For A Supermum

Just because Mother’s Day has passed, it doesn’t mean that the gift-giving mood should cease to exist.

How do you thank your mother for everything she’s done not just for you, but also for the whole family? Easy, get her a car that can match the pace of her life. Our friends at Imperial Auto have given us a list of five cars designed for every mom.

Ford EcoSport for New Mums

The Ford EcoSport is a safe and practical vehicle to transport the kids and is built to navigate narrow spaces and handle potholes like a pro. The elevated driving seating provides better visibility and the noise-cancelling interior and hands-free infotainment system allows you to keep your hands where they are needed – on the wheel.

BMW X3 for Working Moms

The sophisticated exterior comes with the comfort required of a family vehicle. The spacious interior and ergonomic design offer sheer driving pleasure, whether you’re on your way to the office, doing a school run or taking to the wide, open roads.

Nissan Qashqai for Soccer Moms

This is the perfect ride for moms who enjoy the utility and comfort of an SUV, but also want a car that offers a little more. The all-round monitor view turns the hassle of parking an SUV into a dream, while  smartphone integration encourages safe driving by allowing you to access call, text and various app functions without having to take your eyes off the road.

KIA Soul for Playful Moms

Mood lighting adjusts according to your music and seats are ventilated for hot summer days and heated for the colder ones. The Soul is just about the most fun you can have on four wheels, as the panoramic sunroof also lets your kids see the world from every angle.

Mercedes-Benz E Class Wagon for Upscale Moms

This upscale version of the family station wagon boasts memory seat-adjustment functionality, as well as heated seats for those chillier days in winter.

So go ahead and give mom her dream car. Contact Imperial Auto’s professional consultants on +27 (0)11 875 5852 for more information and or visit

Source: Tribeca Public Relations

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