The Latest Advances In Wearable Parenting Tech

More progress has been made in the last 10 years than in the 50 years before that, thanks to technology. These advances have infiltrated the pregnancy and baby market and has made life in the womb more accessible to parents. Cathrine Versfeld looks at some of the most popular gadgets available in South Africa for new parents and concepts that are being bandied about.

The availability of tech to the common man is making massive leaps with every passing year. Part of this is due to the open market of app development, allowing anybody with a good idea, and an ability to code, the chance to showcase their software to the world through downloadable app stores. Many of these coders are parents, or parents-to-be, and thanks to their innovations, and the companies that support and develop their products, we now have a scintillating range of devices that make pregnancy and new parenthood just that little bit easier.


Foetal Doppler

Foetal dopplers are the same device your obstetrician will use to pick up your baby’s heartbeat. There are many home versions available now and they can transmit the baby’s heartbeat directly through earphones or onto your phone or computer. Although a baby’s heart starts beating as early as 22 days after conception, even your doctor’s Doppler will only pick it up from about nine to 12 weeks

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