Struggles Our Kids Will Never Know About

I’m about to make you feel old, but this trip down memory lane should bring back some good/funny memories.

Not long ago the kids at home were asking their grandmother to buy them the latest cellphones and gadgets. My niece said any kind was fine, as long as it’s a ‘touch screen’, while my nephew only needs a phone or iPod that has enough space for his music. While they listed their requests, I started thinking about the advanced world that they live in and realised how different things are from the way some of us grew up. So… today we’ll be listing things that our young kids will never really experience, especially the struggle that came with using that item.

The Old VCR

Yep, we couldn’t download or rent the movies online. To watch the latest movies (which were still many months behind the latest ones screened in the US) you had to drive to Video Town or Mr Video to rent a video cassette, and there would always be that unfriendly customer who wouldn’t rewind the movie before returning it! Be kind, rewind!

Using A Dictionary For Proper Spelling

Before autocorrect, the dictionary was your best friend. Now our kids can depend on spell check for everything. Let’s not even go to Urban Dictionary…

The Use Of Physical Maps

Siri and other GPS systems have got you covered now, but before Google maps, an actual mapbook and sometimes a compass were your first choice before giving up and asking a stranger for directions.

Playing Outside The Whole Day

I think I usually got into trouble for leaving home early in the morning and coming back late in the evening because I got carried away while playing with my friends outdoors. Today, with phones and iPads, you find every other child hibernating indoors while glued to a screen.

Getting The Right Words To A Song

So we all wanted to be cool, and knowing all the words to a song got you there, but to get the words right you had to press rewind, stop, play, pause, rewind, and so forth. This was back when there was no Google to download the lyrics.

Saving Work On Floppy Disks

Do you remember that floppy disk that usually got corrupted right before you did your presentation? Yes, me too. At least now we have hard drives and memory sticks to save our work.

The Walkman That Didn’t Fit In Your Pocket

Think about it, how do you listen to music while running on the treadmill at the gym without constantly worrying about your walkman falling out? iPods and phones are a blessing indeed.

Typing Out A Message Or Passing Notes

Having to press a button three times to get the letter that you want. Or if you wanted to tell your friend something while in class, you couldn’t just drop them a Whatsapp. You had to write a note and pass it on, hoping that the teacher doesn’t catch you.

Funnily enough, most of the things that I’ve listed above can be done in a matter of seconds on your phone. I think you’ll agree with me when I say the struggle was real!

By Thina Mthembu. Images: Shutterstock, Depositphotos

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