Why Choose A Birth Partner ?

Along with our experts, PETA DANIEL takes a look at choosing the right birth partner for your big day, what to expect and how to make the most of it.

n birth, as in life, every burden is lighter, every joy becomes shared and every difficult task is made easier when you have a trusted partner to share it with. A birth partner is someone who will be by your side during pregnancy, birth and thereafter to offer support and encouragement. They are involved in the delivery, and their goal is to keep the mother focused and calm, says psychologist Dr Sumayya Ebrahim. The birth partner is also there to care for the mother and remind her why she hoped for the birth she is attempting, says doula and lactation expert Laura Sayce. “A birth partner is there to make sure the mother is comfortable, to massage her through or inbetween contractions, to breathe with her, to get her food or drink or any other articles she may need during her labour – such as a pilates ball or a bean bag for her back.”


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