Your Birth Plan Checklist

By Peta Daniel

Your birth plan will act as the guiding force for your labour. Retired midwife and doula Maria Sterrenberg, doula and lactation consultant Laura Sayce, gynaecologist Dr Elmarie Basson and psychologist Dr Sumayya Ebrahim offer their insights on what to include in your birth plan.

  • Where? At home or in the hospital?
  • Who would you like present?
  • What type of birth would you like? (E.g. a caesarean, natural birth, induction or water birth)
  • Pain relief – would you like none at all, gas, pethidine or an epidural?
  • Is there something personal you want on hand during the labour?
  • Would like an enema and you would like to be shaved?
  • Do you want dimmed lights, soft music, candles, etc.?
  • Which position would you like to deliver in?
  • Cutting of the umbilical cord: would you like to do it or would you like your partner to do it?
  • Would you like skin to skin contact as soon as possible or would like your baby handed to your partner immediately after birth?
  • Would you like to breastfeed for all meals, or top up with formula, or not breastfeed at all?
  • Do you want your baby to be circumcised?
  • Would you like your baby bathed on the first day?

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