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Pregnancy Calendar

Pregnancy Calendar - Week 13

Your Baby:
Your baby can make a fist and even suck her thumb. Vocal cords and larynx are also formed this week. Some organs start working, for example the pancreas is producing insulin. Baby weighs about 20 grams and is approximately 7.5cm long.

You should have gained approximately 1 - 1.5kg in the past month, an average of 300g per week, and may be perspiring more than normal. You may find that you have gum issues from an increased blood flow and a lack of Vitamin C. Oestrogen and Progesterone are stimulating milk-producing glands in your breasts, which is why you may need to increase your cup size. You also may start ‘showing' a tummy around about now, but it differs from woman to woman. You may also notice a milky discharge (leucorrhea), which may continue throughout your pregnancy.