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Pregnancy Calendar - Week 14

Your Baby:
You're officially in your second trimester and your baby is now a third of the way through its development. All the major work has been done on skeletal and organ development and now your baby will be starting a period of rapid growth and weight gain. Baby also has fingerprints, created as he moves his hands in the amniotic fluid and unique ridges and folds form. Baby is about 4cm in length and weighs about 60 grams. 

This week you'll most likely start to feel much better, with relief from many of the first-trimester symptoms. Relaxin, a hormone responsible for ‘relaxing' your pelvic and hip joints in preparation for a growing baby, may cause you some back discomfort and pain. You may also feel stretching and pulling sensations and your ligaments stretch and your organs move to accommodate a growing baby. Your placenta is now fully matured and acts as your baby's lungs, liver, kidneys, digestive and immune system.