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Pregnancy Calender - Week 20

Your Baby:
You should be able to confirm your baby's gender this week by ultrasound scan. Your baby is also in a sleep-awake-cycle similar to that of a newborn. With boys, the testes are decending into the scrotum, and with girls the uterus is formed. Baby weighs about 300 grams and is 16cm long.

You may find that you are developing stretch marks as you continue to grow bigger. There are many products on the market to treat this and remember to be diligent when applying them. Incidentally, don't forget to continue using these products after baby is born, as stretch marks can appear then as well. You may also feel dizzy or faint when standing up quickly, this is because of reduced blood flow to the brain as your circulatory system adjusts to the pregnancy. Sit down and rest often.