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Pregnancy Calendar - Week 30

Your Baby:
Your baby is now two-thirds of its birth size, and there is quite a bit going on this week. Your baby's brain is starting to wrinkle and fold due to rapid growth of brain cells. Finger and toe nails are fully formed and your baby's bone marrow is producing all red-blood-cells now. Baby is starting to shed the lanugo (soft downy hair) that was covering her body, and baby's eyes are completely open when awake. Baby is now approximately 39cm long and still weighs approximately 1.3kgs.

Weight gain is a natural part of pregnancy, but at this stage it is important to watch out for signs of preeclampsia, which is potential fatal. Signs of this condition include severe swelling, headaches and/or sudden weight gain. You need to contact your healthcare professional if you suspect you may be developing preeclampsia, which is completely treatable if caught early enough.