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Pregnancy Calendar - Week 34

Your Baby:
Surfactant, a substance to assist baby to breathe independently, is forming in baby's lungs. Baby is coated in a thick white layer of vernix, a substance that protects his skin from the amniotic fluid. The lanugo (fuzzy hair) that covered your baby's body is almost completely gone and baby is now starting to develop his own immune system instead of relying solely on antibodies from the placenta. Baby is almost 46cm long and weighs almost 2.2kgs.

Most pregnant women find it difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position at this point in pregnancy, and with constant toilet runs, a good night's sleep is almost unheard of. Just think of it as nature's cruel joke, in preparation for the upcoming sleep deprivation that comes with a newborn. Remember it is recommended you sleep on your left side, and try to use pillows to support your back, legs and stomach.