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Pregnancy Calendar - Week 40

Your Baby:
In 40 weeks, a single cell has transformed into a six-thousand-billion celled human being! At this stage, some of your hormones are passing to your baby and because of this your baby's genitals may appear engorged and extra large at birth, this is nothing to worry about. At birth your baby has about 300 bones, some of which will fuse together later on, which is why adults have a total of 206 bones. Baby is about 48cm-51cm long and weighs between 3.2kg-3.6kg.

You're ready to deliver this baby now, but few very babies are actually born on their due dates! Your baby will arrive eventually and now is a good time to ensure you know what the signs and symptoms of labour are, the processes required at the hospital or birthing centre, and what the stages of labour entail. No one can accurately predict the start of labour, but it is clear that your baby initiates labour, so she will arrive in her perfect time.