Mamas & Papas is one of the fastest growing magazines within the baby/pregnancy and parenting fraternity. The in-depth, intelligent features are in tune with the latest trends and technological advances and research in the fields of father, mother and baby health, child psychology and early childhood education. In addition, there are inspirational stories and interesting personal accounts of parents’ experiences with pregnancy, childbirth and the early years. Beauty, décor and travel pages; fabulous fashions; and informative nutrition are all wrapped up for your reading pleasure in one exquisitely designed lifestyle magazine.

Parenting and lifestyle is our priority… Mamas & Papas is a monthly, super-gloss, quality parenting and ethnic lifestyle MagazineTV show and responsive Website that centres on our rich heritage, rediscovering our cultural domestic roots and taking what works for you as a parent. It allows you to review and reintegrate that age-old traditional wisdom, reapply it… and, parent, your way! This publication was the brainchild of the founding editor, Nawaal Motlekar and is published by Kwenta Media.

Nawaal Motlekar is perhaps the only Black businesswoman who identified the opening in the market and the demand for a new, top-shelf magazine that targets specifically the Indian, Coloured, African and White communities, and ran with it to produce Mamas & Papas. It is one magazine that seeks to integrate parents from diversified racial groups and fuse the old and new methods of parenting.

Mamas & Papas is an all-inclusive package that centres around 8 key pillars:

  • Pre–pregnancy

  • Pregnancy

  • Labour & birth

  • 0-1 Babies

  • 2-5 Toddlers

  • 6-10 Preschoolers

  • Special needs

  • Working moms & dads