5 Games To Make The Baby Shower A Fun Event

Once you’re done with sorting out the venue, gift registry, food and guestlist, consider adding our selected baby shower games to your list. 

A baby shower should be filled with joyous laughter and games that will leave the guest begging for more. If during your planning stages you can’t come up with any game ideas, maybe our top five baby shower games can lead you in the right direction.

  1. Who’s That Baby

We all love looking at photos, and baby pictures are just the cutest. Get your guests to bring their childhood pictures and see who can guess who’s who. This is a perfect ice breaker so you can have it at the beginning.

  1. Guess Her Tummy Size

Get the ladies to guess the measurements of the expecting mommy’s tummy. Make sure you have a colourful ribbon to give each of lady, ask them to cut the length that matches their ‘guessed’ measurement. Get them to place the ribbon around the tummy, the one whose piece comes closest to the right measurement is the winner!

  1. Late Night Diaper Notes

Buy a box of diapers and asks your guests to write funny quotes, words of encouragement, and inside jokes with permanent markers on the diapers. This won’t only add fun to the day but on nights when mom or dad are on diaper change duty, they’ll have something to laugh about.

  1. Do You Also Suffer From Porridge Brain

Before the shower begins, keep a few baby items on a tray and let every guest have a look at them for a few seconds. After that hide the tray and give them limited time to recall and write down the names of all the items. Let’s see who suffers from porridge brain along with the expecting mother.

  1. Wishes For The Baby

This you can have as the last game. You can get a printable card that you can give to your guests. They can fill in their wishes for the baby any time during the shower. This one is more intimate and the parents can keep it for the baby. You can use this printable card and make more copies for the other guests.

To have a successful baby shower you need to end the day with happy and well-entertained guests and guest of honour, so whatever you decide to do, make it a point that you don’t offend anyone and you remember to have fun. Don’t stress too much on what could go wrong, and unless you’re working on a tight schedule, you can add more games.

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