6 Bacteria Hotspots In Your Home

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

We all know that our toilet is a serious germ zone, but this isn’t the only germ-packed area in your house.

I’d like to warn all germophobes that this article will probably rub you up the wrong way! You’ve been warned. You’re probably a fairly clean person like me; you try to wipe the surfaces at home every other day with a disinfectant spray and a hand sanitiser is always in your bag, right? Sadly you should take another look at other spots in the house that are crawling with bacteria and other harmful microbes you didn’t realise were there. Put on your cleaning gloves and bring out the disinfectant spray. It’s time you attacked these germ hotspots with some power cleaning.

1. The Kitchen Sink

Your kitchen sink is one of the worst breeding grounds for household germs. When you have to complain about the food left on plates after a family meal, you can be sure the pathogens are having a feast. Sinks can serve as a breeding ground for illness-causing bacteria, including E.coli and salmonella.

  • To sanitise your sink and prevent the spread of bacteria, wash it with a solution of bleach and water once a day.

2. Dish Cloths and Towels

Dish rags and sponges are exposed to all of the germs and bacteria. They’re porous and usually wet, making it so much easier for germs to breed and spread, as you wipe surfaces, hands and faces with that dirty cloth!

  • Your sponges and dish towels should be disinfected every week and replaced at least once a month.

3. Your Toothbrush

You use it in your mouth twice a day, you rinse it off after every use and put it away while it is still damp, making it the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

  • Place it where it can air out and dry between uses, but do not place it too close to the toilet. Remember to replace it often, especially after you’ve been sick.

4. Your Bathtub

You use it to clean yourself and the rest of the family, but the bathtub itself is not so clean.

  • Clean and disinfect the bathtub with a bathroom cleaner after bathing, then dry it out with a clean towel.

5. Your Cell Phone

Your phone carries tons of bacteria including staph, which can cause skin infections; salmonella which causes stomach ailments and pseudomonas, which causes eye infections. Your leather or vinyl case protects your fragile phone from cracking but it also provides plenty of creases and crevices for germs to hide.

  • Use a disinfectant wipe a few times a week and be conscious of where you rest personal items.

6. Soap Dispenser

Yes, we always advise to wash your hands with soap, but did you know that 25 percent of public restroom dispensers are contaminated by faecal bacteria? Ironic, yes. But many soap dispensers are never cleaned, so bacteria grows as the soap scum builds up and the bottoms are touched by dirty hands, so you find that there’s a continous culture going on feeding millions of bacteria.

  • Make it a point that you scrub your hands thoroughly for 15 to 20 seconds, with plenty of hot water and if you have an alcohol gel disinfectant, use that too.


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