8 Types Of Mothers You’ll Come Across

In your daily life, you come across different types of mothers, some seem to have the whole parenting thing down but others not so much. 

Before we go into detail about the types of mothers you’re bound to run into every now an then, and before you start laughing and secretly judging, it’s best you remind yourself that someone out there (us probably) already has you labeled.

The Workaholic Mom

Everytime you see this mother, she’s busy on her phone checking emails or making important calls during the Sports meeting. Don’t get me wrong, she loves her kids, but the thought of not being up-to-date with everything work related scares her.

The Know-It-All Mom

This one is ready to correct everything you do. “No, that’s not how you’re suppose to tie it, I do it like this…” She usually means well, but she tends to rub you the wrong way, right?

Forever Complaining Mom

You’ve decided to stop asking her how she’s doing because she’ll start going on and on about everything that is wrong with not just her life but the world. Depressing, run the other way!

The Chilled Mom

She makes parenting look effortless, she’s charming, beautiful and just a genuinely happy person who also has the best, well-behaved kids, or so she wants us to believe, and yes we all envy her.

The Bragging Mom

She brags about everything, she’ll tell you about how her kids aren’t picky eaters (cue bring in your picky eater), her kids hardly get sick, their school marks are always high, and and and… basically everything in her life is brag-worthy.

The Health Freak Mom

For breakfast you gave your kids a bar of chocolate or a sugary cereal, our health freak mom will feed her kids healthy brown bread sandwich with veggies on the side and will look down at you for giving your child chips.

The Disorganised Mom

When it comes to being organised, this mom makes you look like the most organised mom ever. She’s either running late or her kids are dressed in mismatched outfits, or she either forgot the kid’s bag, assignments or lunchbox at home.

The Social Media Mom

She is glued to her phone, she can’t go a day without posting a picture with her kids, sharing parenting or mommy jokes or making parenting related comments on all her social platforms. The first few times these gestures are cute but they stop being adorable when the hundreth picture appears on your timeline.

You’ve definitely met these classic kinds of mothers or you’re probably one, and although some might make us cringe or run the other way whenever we see them, they’re mothers and we just have to love them.

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