A World Class Fertility Clinic Opens In Nelspruit In February 2020

Leading gynaecologists and embryologist have come together to significantly open access, for parents to be in Mpumalanga, Mozambique and Swaziland, to invitro fertilisation (IVF). Surgiclinic Fertility announced its investment into a state-of-the art fertility clinic, set to launch in February 2020. People seeking assisted fertility treatment from Mpumalanga, Mozambique and Swaziland, have up until now had to take the oftentimes long, arduous and costly journey to facilities further afield for treatment. The new clinic means this is all set to change – soon patients will receive a more cost effective and better value for money service.

Broadly speaking, 10 – 20% (between 1 -2 out of 10) of people around the globe battle to fall pregnant naturally, so it comes as no surprise that IVF is one of the fastest developing fields of medicine. Some reasons for these relatively high rates of infertility include people trying for a baby later in life, unhealthy lifestyles, poor access to healthcare and inadequate access to assisted reproductive techniques.

“We have, over a number of years held a special interest in fertility, and so hold an in-depth understanding of the scale and scope of requirement locally. It is entirely rewarding to be in position to open access to fertility treatment to our patients on their doorstep,” comments gynaecologist, Dr Richard Joubert, who formally had a successful fertility practice in Pretoria. Now Nelspruit based, he is a partner at Surgiclinic Fertility.

Joubert has extensive experience in the field of infertility management and the procedures involved during in vitro fertilization. He will play a pivotal role in the success of the new facility. The whole spectrum of fertility management and treatment is currently available in Nelspruit, with the exception of in vitro laboratory services. The launch of Surgiclinic Fertility will close the loop in offering full access to all treatment options.

The first birth following successful treatment was reported in 1978 in UK. This was shortly followed by births in Australia, the US and South Africa in 1983. To date, an estimated 5 million children have been born as a result of IVF.

Surgiclinic Fertility is extremely fortunate to welcome Dr Cornelia van Zyl, one of South Africa’s foremost embryologists, in the role of principal embryologist to the clinic. She joins in January 2020 from her current post at one of the country’s top fertility clinics, Wilgers Infertility Clinic. Van Zyl has walked the journey of IVF for 3 decades; her career began in the 1980s, working with the late Professor Jan van der Merwe, considered the be one of the fathers of infertility treatment in South Africa. Patients truly can rest assured they in the best hands possible.

“I am excited by the opportunity to join Surgiclinic Fertility. Beyond the science, I am authentically interested in the person or couple seeking help with falling pregnant. I believe this is what sets me apart in how I approach my work. I have an intrinsic understanding of how a person’s state of mind intersects with successful IVF treatment. It is both a process of biology and psychology,” comments van Zyl. Together with a string of degrees and accreditations related to reproductive biology, van Zyl also holds a PhD in Psychology. Building work for the new facility is underway, and no expense will be spared on sourcing the latest technology and equipment. Its offering will sit alongside not only South Africa’s leading IVF clinics, but together with clinics around the world. Unlike other clinics that have grown from existing facilities, this one has been purpose designed and built. Part of this design is also mindful of creating a private, home away from home, environment for patients. Currently 3 Nelspruit gynaecologists have joined the Surgiclinic Fertility network, with a possible 2 more to soon sign up. All gynaecologists in the Mpumalanga, Mozambique and Swaziland regions are welcome to affiliate to this new service that will enhance each of their individual practice offerings to patients. Well known, Dr Jack Biko, is also a champion of the new facility.

“Patients will have access to vitro fertilisation, embryo storage after freezing, donor sperm and donor egg programmes. In select cases, fertility preservation by egg storage, will be available in the instances where fertility needs to be delayed and protected, like for example due to cancer treatment and other relevant situations,” adds gynaecologist, Dr Pieter Steyn, who is also a partner at the new centre. He has a special interest in the management of infertility issues including diagnosis, discussing various options for treatment (including medical and surgical methods), and eventually having a healthy baby by appropriate antenatal care.

“We are delighted to open the opportunity to a much broader base of individuals and couples seeking help with falling pregnant. Our practice shares best practice insights and learnings through our extended network of affiliations in the fertility space in South Africa, and actively welcome other local gynaecologists to join forces with us in making this service possible for our clients,” concludes gynaecologist, Dr Jean Nel, partner Surgiclinic Fertility.


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