Being Young and Different

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

The story of bullying and survival told by spoken-word poet Shane Koyczan.

“Hey Stupid”, “Hey Freak”, how often did such words leave your lips when you were still a kid? Bullying in schools is at its worst. We went from watching movies about bullies, to watching real-life videos of kids being slapped around by other learners, with no one trying to stop the fight, instead, everyone takes out their phones, records the incident with hopes to get the most likes once the video is posted on social media platforms. This is the life our kids are living, and as parents, worrying about what happens to your child once they leave the house is a common concern. The worst part is that the insults don’t end on the school playgrounds, they follow your child home, through their social media accounts.

Poet Shane Koyczan presents to us his poem about bullying titled To This Day It piece talks about what it’s like to be young and different, however, before he gets into to it, he first tells us a story about his childhood, and what it was like to be bullied, only to end up being something he loathed most, a bully. As he starts on his poem, Hannah Epperson plays her violin in the background while his viral animated video that captivated millions plays in the background.

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