Breastfeeding For Brain Development

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

The benefits of breastfeeding extend well beyond basic nutrition and immunity. During breastfeeding, synaptic connections in the brain are made at a furious rate, and both mother and child need an adequate intake of omega-3 DHA for optimal health and development.

During pregnancy, you are your baby’s only source of omega-3 DHA; however, your body cannot produce this critical element for healthy development. It can only be acquired from diet and vitamins. Historically, it has been difficult to establish omega-3 DHA levels pre-and postpartum. One thing moms should bear in mind is the importance of omega-3 DHA throughout pregnancy and while breastfeeding in supporting memory and cognitive function after birth, while DHA levels also correlate with improved birth weight and length. Approximately 70% of a person’s total number of brain cells comes from the DHA available during pregnancy. These levels have been closely linked to intelligence and cognitive performance in infancy and childhood. Even after birth, breastfeeding babies are dependent on mom’s omega-3 DHA intake for growth and development.

Ecsponent Biotech (biotechnology company that invests in products and services that promote the adoption of personalised and regenerative medicine) has introduced a simple test that uses a self-collectible blood spot (during pregnancy) and a drop of breast milk (soon after birth) for an accurate analysis of omega-3 DHA levels. Both MyOmega and MyMilk tests perform an essential role in helping mom to make sure she is giving her little one all the nutrients and vitamins that they need. The MyOmega and MyMilk tests will give parents and families peace of mind via a detailed report which includes recommendations based on the findings. Both tests can be done at home and the report that moms get allows her to alter their diet, or take additional supplements, according to the context of their personal health profile.

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To find out more about MyOmega and MyMilk contact Ecsponent Biotech’s InfoHub on 087 808 0100 or email them The price of each test is R570 (incl. VAT) and includes the kit, the tests and a full report with recommendations.

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