Broaden Your Baby’s Horizons

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

These top tips can help you to help your baby broaden their horizons, recommended by Anel Annandale, Mysmartkid’s educational psychologist.

Depth perception

A good way for your newborn to start learning is by moving interesting objects into their field of vision. When your baby’s vision gets a little less ‘blurry’, you should also occasionally pick up toys and move them around while your little one is watching. This will teach your baby to focus on moving objects and help them develop their depth perception.


Let your baby use his/her mouth

Try not to stop your baby from putting things into their mouth. At this age it’s one of the few ways they have to explore and learn about the objects around them. That said, always remember to keep an eye on your little one and never ever let them play with anything with which they might accidentally hurt themselves. 

Don’t over-stimulate

As cute and as little as they are, keep in mind that at this stage your baby can easily be over-stimulated. They’re also most likely quite sensitive to bright light and loud noise, so try to avoid these as much as possible when encouraging your newborn’s stimulation.

Help them explore

Every day is just another chance for your young crawler or toddler to explore! It’s really important to make sure that your little one’s toys are always within reach and that everything around them is neat and tidy so they can find their toys easily too.  

Importance of reading

Try to read a little to your child every day, as this will help them to develop auditory perceptual skills. Just remember to choose age-appropriate books and pick a time when your baby is feeling calm and relaxed. This will ensure that they can really get the greatest benefit from this activity. And, if you find that the story is too long, simply describe the pictures to your tiny tot instead of reading it all.

Let them find their toys

Don’t simply hand over toys to your poppet to play with. Instead, allow them to look for and discover their toys all on their own. By encouraging your little one to look for something themselves, you’re giving them the chance to hone their visual perception skills. And it’ll keep them busy for a short while too!

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