Dealing With An Explosive Nappy

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Vomit, baby poo and boogers have become a part of your daily life, but one really ever gets used to poop explosion!

Every mom and dad will have endless stories to share about icky nappy changes, where boys pee in their parents’ faces or the runny poo that leaked down the baby’s leg. But few experiences can compare to a nappy explosion. This experience is so traumatic that parents fist pump each other and award each other with the ‘New-Parent Badge Of Honour’ which they can wear with pride after they have gone through the horror of mission cleanup, where they can present a clean, fresh-smelling and, most of all, happy baby. Luckily for you, we have a few ideas on how you can survive the moment when the poop hits the fan!

Warning signs there is poop on the horizon:

  1. The Smell – You’re happily cleaning the house or making lunch when an unpleasant odour wafts past your nose and assaults your senses.

  2. Poop Party – You turn around the corner and you find your little tot sitting happily in a pile of his or her own poop.

  3. Touchy-Feely Situation – As you approach your poop-soaked tot, you don’t know whether you should grab them and hold them at arm’s length and throw them into the nearest sink or run with them to the bathroom and stand together in the shower. After all, the poop is now soaking through your pores.

  4. Gag Session – While cutie is laughing at the hullaballoo your making, you feel your gag reflex kick into full gear. Bad mommy you think, but you’re human after all and this stuff is ripe!

  5. Ignorance Is Bliss – You try your very best to ignore the fact that you probably have poop up to your elbows, probably on your chin and nose… and no, that is definitely not poop on your favourite blouse.

  6. Acceptance – After manhandling your child, using most of the wipes, a warm washcloth and even the bath if necessary, a fresh nappy and a can of air freshener do the trick. A quick check for any temperature or fever, and you and your baby can resume your life… until the next explosion…

Have The Following Handy For Each Nappy Change:

Always have the following available for every nappy change. Your top priority should always be a safe changing area with a clean, washable surface.

The Checklist

  1. A clean cloth or disposable nappies.

  2. If you’re not using the all-in-one nappies, make sure the disposable or washable nappy liners and waterproofs are also present.

  3. Plastic nappy grips if you’re using cloth nappies.

  4. A nappy bucket with a lid to store the dirty nappy prior to washing or a bag to throw away disposable nappies.

  5. Nappy wipes or cotton wool and warm water.

  6. Barrier or nappy cream to protect the skin and prevent nappy rash.

  7. A change of clothes in case the old nappy leaks.

  8. A stuffed toy or mobile to act as a distraction for your baby.

Watch this nappy care video by Meg Faure, a Pampers expert and occupational therapist.

Nappy Care Video:

Source: Meg Faure (Pampers Expert and Occupational Therapist)

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