Don’t Do It, Don’t Say It, Don’t Think It… Just Don’t!

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]By now you should know how sensitive a pregnant woman is when it comes to, well, everything. If you always seem to put your foot right in it, we help you out with a list of things you should never say to a pregnant woman…

Her hormones are all over the place, her emotions tend to get the better of her, and all the aches and pains are not making it easy. On top of that, she has to deal with all manner or strangers who want to rub her belly and give her unwanted parenting advice. Can you really blame her for the pregnancy tantrum or blowout that usually follows?

To keep you safe from being on the receiving end of the blowout, we’ve decided to introduce what we call a #PregnancyFilter – it should keep everyone happy, if only for a minute or two.

“Wow, you’re so huge!”

Ok, she is looking a bit wide and very round, but she certainly doesn’t need to hear that. Actually, no woman wants to hear that, so why would you go and say it to a already over-emotional pregnant woman? Just don’t!

“You shouldn’t be…”

Picking up that box, wearing those shoes, going out looking like that, eating that, drinking that… She’s pregnant, not ill or disabled, and by now she knows what she can and can’t/shouldn’t do because her doctor or gynae told her. We know you mean well, but making such comments can leave her feeling alienated or feeling like an invalid.

“Enjoy your last few months of freedom.”

The last thing any expectant mother wants to hear is that giving birth means signing her freedom away. It might be true, but she really doesn’t need to hear that. Let her live in her bubble of happiness!

“Your baby is going to be huge/tiny!”

Big or tiny is not important, what’s important to her is to have a healthy baby. Only the doctors are allowed to utter such words to her. Your comments can cause her to start worrying unnecessarily.

“You look tired.”

Carrying a baby around wherever you go is hard work. So today she decided not to get all dolled up – it happens to all of us, only her case is different and special. If she looks tired, the chances are she probably is. Rather than commenting on how bad she looks, ask her if she needs any help with her workload. Be that good friend.

“Have you popped yet?”

Ok, I’m also guilty of this one. My friend was a bit overdue, and I kept on asking her if she had popped yet. I even took it a step further and started suggesting ways that would bring on labour… I’m bad, I know, but I got carried away with the excitement. Yes, everyone is eager to welcome the new addition but asking her if she’s popped yet only reminds her that she is one ‘overly’ pregnant woman!

If you’re a blabbermouth like me, you’ll probably have a hard time holding your tongue, but you can do it. In fact, you have to, because you don’t want to deal with the wrath of a very emotional and very pregnant woman.


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