Five Baby ‘Did You Knows?’

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

It’s not easy raising a little person – you have no idea what they are feeling, and their reaction to just about anything is laughing … or crying.

So says Planning Manager at Ackermans Julia Cavernelis, who is no stranger to these little mysteries as she has one of her own. Welcoming a new life into the world is an exciting time for families, but babies are mysterious little creatures. Cavernelis shares a few baby ‘Did You Knows’ as well as tips you should take note of before your little one arrives.

  • Did you know … that newborn babies sleep for an average of 16 hours a day?

This is ideally broken up into eight daytime sleeping hours, and eight night hours. This figure is gradually reduced, as babies get older. Cavernelis advises, “Rest is essential for your child’s growth and development. With so much sleep expected, make sure that your baby is comfortable, and has a comfy fleece blanket to be tucked into.”

  • Did you know … that a baby’s head accounts for about 25% of their body weight!

“Ensure you are adequately supporting your child’s head when picking them up, as their bodies cannot yet fully support themselves. Also, make sure that your baby’s head is kept warm with a beanie or woollen cap, as their brains are still developing,” says Cavernelis.

  • Did you know… that newborn babies double in weight over the course of the first five months?

This means you’ll need to plan their wardrobe accordingly. Cavernelis recommends, “Instead of spending hundreds of rands on an expensive new wardrobe for your little one, buy a decent selection of affordable baby grows that can be reused or passed on to other family members once your child outgrows them. Invest in other essentials they won’t outgrow as quickly, like bibs and bath time essentials.”

  • Did you know … that a newborn baby can go through about 10 nappies per day?

Cavernelis says, “Make sure you are properly stocked up before your little poop-monster arrives. Also, make sure you have enough baby wipes and creams to avoid nappy rash.”

  • Did you know … that your baby bag will probably end up having at least10 items!

Make sure you have a large bag for all your baby essentials, that doubles as a handbag. “Lugging around one big bag is hard work enough, never mind two!” Cavernelis chuckles and adds that a range of baby clothing, accessories and essentials can be found at Ackermans stores.

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