Grandparents Take The Prize

While you’re a great parent, there is just something about grandparents that kids adore and makes them cool.

Have you noticed how your once strict parents always seem to be mellower when their grandkids are involved? Whenever I got into any trouble growing up, I knew that if I found my way to Gogo, I would be safe. My sibling and I also knew that if she came to visit, we’d wake up in a warm, clean house with that freshly baked bread aroma – am I bringing back any old memories yet?

We can agree that grandparents can provide comfort, warmth and security, and more often than not, your kids will probably pick your parents over you – at least for a while. Know this, however. The sole duty of grandparents is to pamper and support their grandkids.

Why Grandparents Take The Prize:

  1. They know a LOT of stories

We live in a world were everything is available on digital platforms, but having to hear a story about something grandparents experienced back in the day trumps movie nights hands down! The whole process is more personal, authentic and interactive, and kids love this.

  1. They Are the Best Audience

You are probably tired of listening to the same poem every second and you’ve probably run out of compliments. Grandparents on the other hand dish out compliments left, right and centre, so when their grandchildren come to them with a new poem or dance routine they’ve learned, they will listen attentively, applaud and even go as far as asking for an encore.

  1. They Make The Best…Everything

Their cooking, baking, knitting and craft activities are good and fun, and the best part is they let the kids join in, even if things gets messy.

  1. They See Everything As A Do Over

As your parents grow older, they can’t help but think of their past parenting mistakes. To remedy these past failures, they become more attentive, or more caring and loving towards your kids. So while you might have lost out on all that attention, your kids are the happy or should we say lucky beneficiaries of Gogo’s adoration.

  1. Ready To Fight Their Battles

Have you ever noticed how your child gets naughtier than usual when their grandparents visit? That’s because they know that they are the only ones who can save them from your wrath. Grandparents will always support their grandkids regardless of the situation. Chances are, you’ll even get in trouble for raising your voice at your child.

  1. They Are Just Silly

Grandparents aren’t afraid to be silly. If your child comes home with a mask or hat that they made at school, they know who will be willing to try it on. When they need someone to play house with them or listen to their ‘over-done’ knock-knock jokes, guess who will be forever willing to listen or join in on the fun?

  1. Extra Pocket Money (Especially when you refuse)

Kids help with housework, grandparents throw in a coin; they go to get them their reading glasses, they throw in a coin; they tell them a good joke, they throw in a coin… They don’t really need a reason to pass a penny down to the younger generation… their loving hearts are reason enough.

The truth is grandparents want to make their grandchildren feel special, and they love them unconditionally.


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