Having A Baby On A Tight Budget

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Everyone is always complaining about how expensive it is to have a baby, and we agree, it can be, but it really doesn’t have to be.

Every parent-to-be has one great worry, and that is family finances. These questions will keep you up at night, “Will I be able to afford feeding another mouth? How will I cope financially while I’m on maternity leave? What about all the baby paraphernalia in shops?” The questions keep coming, but before you get yourself all worked up, calm down and make this your daily mantra, “It’s possible to have a baby on a budget.” Have a look at our guide below; maybe it can help ease the stress you’re going through.

Calm Down And Stop Panicking

Having a baby on a budget is not uncommon at all. It can be done and it has been done. Be a little creative and financially savvy about the whole thing. Most importantly, be confident about your ability to do this.

Only Buy What You NEED

You will see a lot of cute baby items in stores, but you’ll also see that most of them don’t even qualify as necessities. Think of the following, food, shelter, clothing and love, that is all your baby needs.

Double Check Your Insurance

To avoid unpleasant surprises to your already tight budget, find out ahead of time what you’ll owe to the hospital once you have your baby and in case you have to stay at the hospital longer. You’ll find that some hospitals require your bill to be fully paid before you even give birth, so ask around.

Breastfeed If You Can

There are price increases everywhere, and formula milk is not being left out. Breastfeeding is free, and it will keep your baby well nourished until they are ready to be weaned onto solids.

Accept Hand Me Downs

There will always be a friend or family member that wants to hand things down, if they’re still in good shape, accept them. This will save you a fortune! Be grateful for their generosity, even if it’s just a few maternity tops, they will make a difference in the money you have to spend, and that money can be used for something else.

You Can Spend Money On The Following Items:

  1. Bottles

  2. Breast pumps

  3. A Car Seat

  4. Cloth diapers (That is if you decide to take the environmentally friendly route).

Allow your friends and family to spoil you, people love buying baby items, and if your well wishers ask you what you need, be honest and tell them, whether it’s diapers or gift cards. At the end of it all, remember that money isn’t love, even though it feels good to spend money on your baby, don’t feel bad if you can’t afford everything new. Your baby won’t mind wearing outfits that don’t match.

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