Holiday Inn® Invites You to Have Little Conversations with Your Little Big Travellers

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Holiday Inn® Hotels and Holiday Inn® Resorts have introduced the Chatterbox Conversation Cards, a fun, family-friendly activity for getting the conversations going during holidays, in a bid to spark deeper sharing and bonding in families.

While each family has its own traditions, it’s no secret that a child’s growth and connections are significantly influenced by the conversations that take place between family members. Whether it happens over Saturday morning breakfasts or during family holidays, family conversations have traditionally helped to bring parents and children closer together. Families can enjoy many benefits from conversing with each other regularly, the first being the opportunity to grow closer. From talking about preferences to discussing goals and aspirations, conversations allow family members to build rapport as they learn about and understand each other better. Regular positive conversations also foster a sense of affirmation and togetherness in children, helping to nurture them into healthy, well-rounded adults.

Family conversations can also hone children’s social and communication skills. As family members tend to be more candid with each other, parents have the perfect opportunity to boost their child’s confidence by encouraging them to share their opinions. Hone your child’s articulation skills, while motivating them to keep participating actively in the world around them. Along with facilitating self-expression, this primes them to be similarly receptive towards the ideas and opinions of others. From enhancing their active listening skills to developing a capacity for empathy as they learn how to relate to and understand others, parents can equip their little chatterboxes with the foundations for forming positive and open relationships in their lives.

Regular family conversations can also spark a child’s curiosity and develop their logical reasoning skills, in turn boosting their intellectual development. Try asking open-ended and stimulating questions as they prompt children to analyse the questions and structure their thinking to deliver comprehensive and thoughtful responses. It’s also a great way to get curious chatterboxes reflecting on the wonders of the world and forming lasting travel memories.

Dr Anthony Costandius, Counselling Psychologist from Durbanville who specialises in family psychology, said: “Conversations between adults and children go to the core of family and child development and these need to be facilitated innovatively, the Chatterbox Conversations Cards can stimulate these meaningful family conversations. They provide a fun way to introduce engaging conversations while travelling or on a family vacation. To make these conversations succeed, the parents need to work hard at ensuring they listen to the child to understand their thoughts and feelings. It’s important for parents to make time to converse with their children, the Chatterbox Cards can be used during meal times or during quality family time, at home or while travelling. They can provide an enjoyable bonding experience for families, while being educational at the same time.”

To inspire conversations between parent and children, Holiday Inn® is offering the Chatterbox Conversation Cards for complimentary usage at participating hotels and resorts in the region. Made especially for families and young travellers ages 3 to 12, the Chatterbox Conversation Cards contain 30 conversation-prompting cards to stimulate reasoning, logic, creativity and problem-solving abilities in children, suitable for use at home or whilst on holiday.

“Enabling families the opportunity to bond and create lasting memories has always been our aim at Holiday Inn. We hope that through the Chatterbox Conversation Cards, families will be able to spend even more quality time together through a fun and rewarding activity that they will continue with their little ones even after their vacation,” said Lee Lin Teo, Head of Brand Management, Asia, Middle East & Africa.

To download a set of your own Chatterbox Conversation Cards, and for to discover more holiday inspiration ideas and tips, visit Little Big Travellers.

About Holiday Inn® Hotels & Resorts: Started over 65 years ago and with over 1,200 hotels worldwide today, the Holiday Inn® brand is the most widely recognised lodging brand in the world. Holiday Inn® believes the Joy of Travel is for everyone. The brand stands for delivering an affordable, enjoyable hotel experience where guests are always welcomed warmly. The first Holiday Inn opened its doors in 1952, and today the Holiday Inn Brand Family is the largest hotel brand in the world, with the largest development pipeline.

The ‘Kids Eat & Stay Free’ programme, available at every Holiday Inn® property, demonstrates the long-standing commitment of the Holiday Inn® brand to serve family travellers,

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