Include Baby In Your Romantic Plans

When you’ve got a toddler to keep in check, romance is often the last thing on your mind, right? With proper planning and patience, you can actually go out on regular romantic dates.

It’s really hard to believe that you can have a romantic life post-baby. I mean, how do you even begin cuddle up to your partner when there’s a little toddler craving your attention next to you? Never fear, we’ve got you covered! Just sit back, read this article and start planning your romantic rendezvous!

  1. Lower Your Expectations

Have practical exectations. Keep in mind that you have a baby in tow, so maybe a candlelight dinner can wait for when you don’t have to bring baby along?

  1. Consider Everyone’s Interests

There are a lot of kid-friendly restaurants. Find one and book a table; this way everyone will be catered for.

  1. The Simple Pleasures Are The Best

Something as simple as a walk in the park when the sun sets can be romantic. Picture this scenario, you’re walking with your partner, holding hands; your dogs is running around the park and you’re pushing your sleeping baby on the stroller… beautiful right? I know, now do it!

  1. A Lot Can Be Done During Baby Naps

If you can’t go out, wait for the baby to sleep and than have some special time with your partner. You can share a cup of coffee or just snuggle together while watching a short movie, perhaps, or cuddling and talking. You decide.

  1. Chores Can Be Fun

Select your favourite music album. Once the speakers are blarring, let everyone shimmy-shake around the house! Laughter is good for the soul.

  1. Make Your Own Intimate Moments

A small hug, a quick kiss, constant touches and eye contact are great intimacy reminders and foreplay.

  1. Enjoy The Moments

Live each moment when it presents itself. We spend so much time planning every little detail that we end up forgetting about living in the moment.


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