Lessons in love with Lungelo Nxele

Updated: Apr 10

Mamas & Papas magazine spends a few hours with calm and confident actress and businesswoman, Lungelo Nxele.

The smart young township girl shares her accomplishments as an entrepreneur, her childhood and how her parents and community have always been pilars in her life. She also shares how she has experienced love as the cornerstone of her personal and professional success.

This Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we look at how this invasive disease can impact motherhood and breast cancer. We look at pros and cons of progress in the groundbreaking developments made in the delicate field of in-utero surgery, contrasted with the dangers of premature online exposure.

Get spring-cleaning with our tips on how to involve your children in de-cluttering their rooms, before flipping to the fashion and making your way to our special pregnancy exercise feature with singer Tamara Dey and My Pilates.

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