Lunchbox Snack Hacks

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

It can be difficult finding the time or inspiration to pack healthy, varied lunches for your kids every day, so we thought we’d provide some lunchbox snack hacks that may inspire you.

1. Get them to make it themselves

Besides lightening your load around the house, getting kids to make their own lunch is one sure way of getting them more engaged in the finished product – and there’s a much higher chance that they’ll eat it! They can grate the cheese, butter the bread, or package the dried fruit in cups, and they’ll get a kick out of the responsibility you’re giving them as they’re doing it.

2. It’s all about presentation

Children love things that get their attention and how you present the food in their lunchbox has a lot to do with this. Use cookie cutters in the shapes of teddy bears or hearts to cut out cheese or sandwiches, and place pretzels, dried fruit or nuts in brightly coloured small cups or containers. You can also thread fruit on to skewers if your children are old enough to handle those. Very fussy eaters may be more tempted to eat things like fruit if you sprinkle edible glitter on top of it occasionally (available from baking shops).

3. Mix it up

A healthy lunchbox does not consist of four types of biscuits! Children need a mix of protein, carbohydrates, fruit, vegetables and dairy for a well-rounded lunchbox. Consider ham, droewors, almonds, bread, rice cakes, apples, naartjies, carrots, cucumber, yoghurt or cheesies as a starting point.

4. Make it personal

We know you’re short on time, but something as simple as popping a new sticker in their lunchbox each day, or writing a little note from Mom or Dad, can really warm their hearts and make their days. You can even carve a little note into the skin of a banana if you are artistically inclined!

5. Hydrate; hydrate; hydrate

Water really is the healthiest option and one of the best ways to keep it cool on hot days is to freeze their water bottles the night before. You can then remove it in the morning and as it thaws, your son or daughter will have lovely cool water to drink all day. These frozen bottles will also act as ice packs, keeping the other perishable food in their lunch bags nice and cool.

6. Outsource it!

Companies like The Lunchbox take all the hard work out of preparing lunchboxes and the best part is that the meals work out very well priced! Offering a combination of health bars, oat crunchies, biltong, nuts and dried fruit, The Lunchbox delivers all 21 meals you need for the upcoming month to your door, in advance, in one batch. They are all beautifully packaged in brown paper bags and numbered, so all you need to do is plop one into your child’s lunch bag every day and you’re sorted. Besides kids’ lunchbox options they also offer Adult Lunchboxes, Banting Boxes and Nut-free Boxes.

Lunchboxes are one of the best ways to get healthy nutritious food in those little growing tummies, so it’s worth experimenting now and then and trying something different.

By: Fedhealth. Image: Pixabay

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