Maybe It’s Time For Baby No. 2?

A second pregnancy is still out of my cards, but perhaps we can convince you and your partner to start working on Baby No. 2.

Recently a friend of mine, a mother of two who seems to have it all figured out when it comes to managing her children, was telling me that maybe it was time I thought of bringing baby number two into this world. After giving her a resounding ‘NO!’, she calmly explained to me why it’s something I should really consider, especially considering that my ‘little’ girl is not so ‘little’ anymore (that’s a debate best saved for another day). I don’t think I am quite ready yet, but perhaps her reasons will get you and your partner working on your baby number 2…

  1. Jackpot

If your child is the same sex as your first child, you my friend will have hit the hand-me-down jackpot! Yes, we know that going baby shopping is great, but you can save money this time around and reuse your first child’s adorable baby clothes.

  1. More Confidence The Second Time Around

With your first child you didn’t know what you were doing, but whatever you did worked out because your child is still doing great. This time around you can relax more, because you have learned from your mistakes with your first child. Getting your baby to sleep should be easier, slipping your baby into a sling is no longer such a daunting task, and changing a nappy? Please… you’ve got this covered!

  1. Obsession Levels Will Calm Down

When you were a first-time mommy, you worried and obsessed over everything that your baby did or didn’t do. The second time around, you’ll be calmer and while worrying about your baby is important, remember that your firstborn still needs your attention as well.

  1. Everyone Loves Babies

This one is a bit tricky, but if you love attention, this is your time. Who can resist a newborn? Your family will be offering to babysit, and bringing over gifts every they get a chance. Your partner, on the other hand, will be all about spoiling you after you have ‘worked’ so hard to bring this baby into the world. Sit back and enjoy it.

  1. Your Child Will Have A Playing Partner

Some children aren’t always quick to relinquish their place as the only child in the family, but with time they get used to the idea and once that happens, you’ll be the happiest mother. Your children will keep each other entertained and they’ll develop a special bond.

Have I been persuaded to have another child in the near future? Nope… but reason number 5 did get me thinking. It would be very interesting to see my daughter take on the role of an older sibling, just not yet. Hopefully it works on you though! Enjoy baby-making and if you’re already a mother to more than one, tell us how you’re keeping up and why we parents to singletons should follow suit.


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