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Updated: Apr 10, 2020

If you find that you sacrifice healthy meal options due to time pressures, there is a way to ensure that the only thing you will give up is dirty dishes.

Single active individuals or parents in a jam can call on Daily Dietitian for a little help when it comes to meal preparation. Perhaps you want to embark on a healthier eating plan or need a week’s worth of meals for your husband and child while you are in hospital or on a business trip. Daily Dietician will have fresh, nutrient-dense meals delivered to your door. Created from fresh, seasonal ingredients, the meal plans are dietitian formulated and you can customise your order to suit your specific needs or preferences.

How It Works

You can select from a variety of meal plans that include a pre- and postnatal plan, children’s meal plan and a low carb/high fat option. The meals are prepared and tailored with your specific dietary goals and needs in mind. You can also choose the amount of food you want to have delivered: a half-day package that consists of one meal and snack, or a full-day package consisting of two meals and two snacks. Simply visit the Daily Dietitian and follow the easy instructions to select, customise and pay for order. (Delivery charged at R8/km)

Example Of Half-Day Package

Snack: Coconut, cocoa peanut and chia seed cup.

Verdict: The meal was aesthetically appealing and easy to eat from the container. The portion size was more than adequate for lunch and the snack was rich and satisfying.

Cost: A full day package, consisting of a mid-morning snack, lunch, an afternoon snack and dinner amounts to R840 for five days (excl. R8/km delivery charge). Alternatively, you can collect from their Cape Town and Johannesburg addresses. Visit, instagram @DailyDietitian or tweet @DailyDietitian_

If you cannot put a price on time, convenience and your health, then this is certainly an option for you.

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