Must Have Items For Your First Trimester

Firstly, congratulations on your pregnancy! Celebrate and be happy in the moment and when you come down to earth, prepare yourself, as the first trimester can make a make a dramatic entrance!

The first trimester can be quite rough, your body is getting used to the idea of growing another person, and you’re fighting fatigue and nausea. You have to deal with hyperactive hormones and, let’s not forget the constant need to pee. It’s safe to say the first three months are not going to be smooth sailing, no matter how excited you are with your pregnancy. Luckily for you, we have a list of five items that will make your first trimester more tolerable.

Item 1 – A Good Bra

It’s going to feel like gravity is pulling on your breasts. Your body is gearing up for milk production, your nipples are getting darker and a bit sore, and your breasts are feeling more full and achy. A good, cotton supportive bra, although unsexy, is the only thing that will allow you to continue to move around freely.

Item 2 – Prenatal Vitamins

These are a must-have! Your developing foetus needs them, and they are very helpful when your appetite is shot and you need a little extra help to ensure that you’re getting all the nutrients you and baby need.

Item 3 – Body Lotion And Oil

Start moisturizing! Stretch marks are inevitable, but you can help reduce their appearance and size by using good lotion and body oil. Since your body is growing so fast, your skin is having a hard time keeping up and it starts to tear. This is why you’ll experience some itching; your goal is to increase your skin’s elasticity so that it can stretch better as you grow. Try to oil up at least twice a day.

Item 4 – Water Bottle

Water is a must-have, especially during your first trimester when you’re likely to become more dehydrated because of the nausea and vomiting you might experience. Water also promotes circulation for your baby and also increases your blood volume. Buy yourself a ‘stylish’ water bottle to carry with you, and jazz it up by adding lemon or orange slices.

Item 5 – Body Pillow

Although it’s still early, some women complain about trouble sleeping, if you aren’t now, you will later because as your pelvis widens to make room for your growing uterus. It becomes uncomfortable to lay on your side, and this is when that body pillow comes in. You can use it to support your back and belly.

So yes, it looks like your first trimester may be slightly uncomfortable, but these tips will make it more bearable. You might be one of the lucky ones who don’t even have it that bad, but if you have all the bases covered on your first trimester, you will make it to your second trimester healthy and happy.

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