No More Soggy Lunch Boxes

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Couscous and quinoa are excellent lunchbox alternatives and a far cry from the soggy sandwich!

They’re not only healthy, flavourful and filling, but making a nutrient-packed salad with either ingredient is a cinch and kids will love the mix of bright colours, while completely missing the fact that they are having their veggies. Quinoa is a gluten-free protein, making it the perfect lean muscle building food.

Save time by making a batch on the weekend, keeping it in the fridge and quickly popping in some fresh ingredients on a weekday morning for the ultimate lunchbox in minutes.

Try these recipes fom Tipiak, a leading quality gourmet style French food company that now offers a range of fragrant couscous and quinoa options that taste as delicious cold as they do hot.

Melon And Honey Butterflies

Serves 1

Preparation time: 10 minutes


Tipiak couscous: 1 portion, cooked according to pack instructions

Mixed melon: prepared



Honey: a drizzle


Place the couscous into butterfly moulds and place into the lunch tin. Arrange the melon, berries and strawberry to make the wings, and body of the butterfly. Drizzle with honey, pack and go.

Space Lunch

Preparation time: 10 minutes


Tipiak couscous: 1 portion, cooked according to pack instructions

20 ml creamy honey and mustard

3 slices cucumber, cut into shapes

5 slices carrot, cut into shapes

¼ red pepper, cut into shapes

2 cherry tomatoes


Place the couscous into a ramekin and press down to form a shape. Invert the mould into a lunch box. Pour the sauce over the couscous. Arrange the vegetables over the couscous and place the cherry tomatoes down as planets. Pack and go.


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