Nomsa Madida Touches On Motherhood

Known as the go-to person in the make-up industry, our cover mom Nomsa Madida sets her kit aside to talk to us about the life of a working mother. She also touches on self-discipline when it comes to sharing your life on social media, and her fondest memories of her childhood.

This month would normally be our Tech issue, but this year we decided to mix it up. Our new writer Khanyisile Molomo gives us her take on pregnancy brain (page 18), is it real or is it just an excuse overused by expecting moms? If you’re wondering how you can comfort your baby as their milk teeth breakthrough, Raeesa Patel on page 34 looks at this force of nature, and tells us what to do to make the little one feel better. On page 62 Claire Maher looks at Mom-Shaming, and how you can overcome shamers.

On Kids’ Voices, we ask the little ones what is their most precious gift, so be sure to checkout their cute replies on page 51!


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