Overcoming Porridge Brain

Porridge brain or pregnancy brain is very real, and a great excuse for being a little forgetful. But don’t despair… it won’t last forever.

Pregnancy comes with many challenges for a woman, from emotional ups and downs to weird cravings and body changes. It is also common to experience forgetfulness or be scatterbrained at times. Know this: you are not the only one suffering and our tips can help you survive the inevitable pregnancy brain fog.

  1. Accept That It’s Normal

You need to recognise and accept that brain fog, although frustrating, is common amongst pregnant women. The moment you accept that you are not alone, you can ask other moms how they coped with their confused mind.

  1. Post-It Notes Are Your Friends

Your family won’t like picking up sticky notes left on every surface, but they’ll understand if you explain your situation. Put little notes where you’re sure to see them and be reminded of all the important things.

  1. Have A Routine

The best way to stay on track is to stick to a routine. It keeps you in a pattern that you are used to and it also makes it easy to notice slip-ups. Your routine doesn’t have to be a strict one, but you’ll see that it’ll become very helpful. You’ll be so used to creating a routine that you won’t have trouble working out one for your baby.

  1. Laugh About It

Try to look on the funny side of things. A sense of humour is honestly the best way to deal with pregnancy brain. After turning the whole house upside down looking for your comb, you might find it in the fridge along with that tub of ice cream that you can now settle for to calm your frayed nerves.

  1. Expect It To Continue

Pregnancy brain does goes away, but the mommy-of-a-newborn brain replaces this as you will face exhaustion, sleep routines, feeding schedules. Don’t fret… there will come a day somewhere in the future when you will feel ‘normal’ again, and have a lovely baby to show for your jumbled thoughts.

Coping With Porridge Brain

Relax your body and make sure that it gets the right amount of sleep each night to fight pregnancy brain and don’t take everything so seriously; just laugh it off and move on.


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