Post-Baby Body Changes

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Only a selected few get right back into shape after delivering their baby, the rest of us just have to accept some changes that come with being a mom.

During pregnancy your body goes through a lot of changes in order to accommodate your growing baby. Once baby is safely delivered, only then do the changes become more noticeable, and if you’re like many of us, bouncing back into shape doesn’t happen instantly like the other lucky moms. So as a way to show that you’re not alone in this struggle, we take a look at post-baby body changes.

Your Body Shape Your body before baby was tight and fit but because of your pregnancy your body had to stretch to make way for baby, if you’re one of the lucky ladies, it won’t be long before you lose all the baby weight but just know that some parts will shift around and not all of them will fall back into their place.

Embrace Your Tiger Stripes They always say that from the moment you find out that you’re expecting you should use tissue oil to prevent stretch marks but sometimes all these lotions don’t work. Embracing your stretch marks is the best thing you can do.

Deflated Boobs While pregnant they look amazing and even better when you’re breastfeeding, but once your baby is done with all she needs from you, they’ll be left looking like deflated balloons and going out without bra support after having a baby or two is close to impossible.

The Unveiling Of Ripples After gaining and losing weight you can be left with what we call a ripply side effect. Cellulite is the proper name and your thighs and rear show it best.

Belly Pouch It’s perfectly normal to spot a belly after giving birth and losing the baby fat can take up to a year or more. If your pouch is bothering you, eat well and exercise regularly, just don’t spend too much time stressing about it.

Spider Veins Even ladies with legs for days aren’t immune to varicose veins, the pressure from pregnancy spares no one.

Bladder Control Losing control of your bladder is a very common issue, but the good news is that postpartum incontinence is a temporary phenomenon.

Piles We’ve said it before, pregnancy comes with a lot of symptoms and haemorrhoids are one of them. They can be painful and can lead to bleeding. They usually subside on their own but if the pain is unbearable, you can place an ice pack or soak the affected area in warm water, your doctor can also prescribe suitable medication.

It’s Worth It Yes, your once beautiful body might be gone but that beautiful big-eyed baby that’s looking at you makes up for any physical flaws don’t you agree?

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