Pregnant Tears

Pregnant women cry a lot and the reason behind the tear-fest can leave you baffled. Explaining why pregnant women cry is hard, but we can give it a try.

You’ve seen how emotional pregnant women get; situations we might view as insignificant can make them weep. The combination of physical discomfort and their pregnancy hormones is partly to blame.

Here Are Some Reasons Why Pregnant Women Cry So Much:

  1. Trying To Get Comfortable

No one said being pregnant would be comfortable; finding a comfortable sleeping position is hard and this battle will go on for the next few months. The constant trips to the bathroom during odd hours of the night are also not helping. That’s probably why you’ll find her in the bathroom sobbing.

  1. Not Being Offered A Seat On the Bus

Trying to find balance in a moving vehicle is hard and when you’re heavily pregnant and need to a wee, it is just a recipe for a disaster. The only good thing about letting out a loud wail in this situation is you’re bound to draw attention and someone will notice your bump and offer you a seat.

  1. Being Asked If You’re Expecting Twins

She’s pregnant and knows that she looks big, so when you ask her if she’s expecting twins, or if she’s about to give birth when she still has a few months to go, all she hears is ‘Girl, you are MASSIVE!’, and this will open the floodgates.

  1. Wrong Food

She’s waited in the line to place her order, probably her latest must-have-now craving, and the waiter messes up her food order; maybe the supermarket doesn’t have her favourite brand of ice-cream, or perhaps her partner came home with vanilla biscuits and not the chocolate ones that she wanted. A dissatisfied craving will send her overboard.

  1. Everything Doesn’t Fit

12 to 13 weeks is that infuriating stage where your expanding belly makes it hard to fit into your normal clothes. People will think you’ve gained a bit of weight and the thought of shopping in a crowded mall in this heat will bring on the tears.

The truth is simple. Pregnant moms have fragile hearts and are extra-sensitive, so be patient with them, and just make sure that you have a box of tissues to offer them every now and then.


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