Tatum Keshwar The Super Model In Mom

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Our cover mom on this issue is the beautiful Tatum Keshwar who is no stranger to flashing cameras, and long runways. On our July issue of Mamas & Papas magazine, Tatum talks to us about her pregnancy journey, and life on the social media streets. We also take a closer look at why many toddlers appear to indulge in fantasy play with their imaginary friends. What causes moms to go primal? Our article on Nesting answers all our questions on this pregnancy phenomenon. When is it the right time to talk to your little one about sex? Sewela Langeni gives us pointers on the matter that has many parents frazzled. We love them, but our little darlings will always try to experiment with everything from white lies to big whoppers! What is one to do when little lies turn into tall tales? If you’re in a mood to spice up your wardrobe, have a look at our Preggy Fashion pages and be inspired!

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